Yes. All brewing sessions are done by appointment. This ensures that we can provide all the space and brewing equipment that is needed for your group’s experience. To make an appointment, simply call us at 720-485-4959. Available times are shown on our website calendar and may be reserved online. If you reserve online, a CO-Brew employee will call you to discuss your appointment. A $50 deposit is required for all appointments.
Yes. You can customize your labels and bottle caps, keeping in mind that the labels cannot contain copyrighted or trademarked names or images. CO-Brew partners with GrogTag, offering our customers 10% off customized products (use offer code COBREW at checkout). GrogTag offers predesigned templates or blank fully customizable labels, bottle caps, coasters, metal signs, or wrapping paper.
Yes. There is free customer parking at the rear of the store. As you drive South on Broadway, we are on the West side of Broadway. Just turn right before our store, pull through the breezeway and parking is to the left. There is also 4 hour metered street parking on Broadway in front of the store.
CO-Brew offers a complete experience for brewers of any level. If you have never brewed before, we will assist and teach you every step of the brewing process. If you have experience brewing you may choose to make your beer with little assistance.
Yes and Yes. CO-Brew offers discounted multiple brew session packages and gift cards. Brewing packages or gift cards are great gift ideas for beer lovers! Visit the store or contact us for more information.
There are numerous options for Ale beer styles you can brew. You may provide your own recipe, or choose from several of CO-Brew’s proven recipes. CO-Brew can assist in custom recipes, or scale a recipe you have created for all batch sizes. Currently we are not brewing Lagers because CO-Brew’s temperature-controlled fermentation room is kept at Ale fermentation temperatures.
There are 2 different brewing packages available per brewing machine. Your party can make 10 gallons of beer (about 4 cases) or 20 gallons of beer (about 8 cases). CO-Brew can accommodate up to 24 brewers making 80 gallons of beer per session. If you are interested in brewing for an event, we can accommodate larger groups as well.

All-inclusive 10-gallon brewing packages start at $180.
All-inclusive 20-gallon packages start at $340.

The final price will be quoted after the customer chooses the amount of beer (10 or 20 gallons) for their brewing session, and a final decision on a recipe for their beer is made.
Brewing sessions take approximately 3 to 3.5 hours. Your beer will be taken care of in our temperature-controlled fermentation room until it is ready to bottle (usually in about 2 weeks). After the beer is bottled, it will be carbonated and ready to drink in 2 weeks. If you choose to keg your beer, it will be force carbonated and ready to drink in as quickly as 1 day.
CO-Brew offers several entertainment options. Hang out and play games, enjoy sports or a movie in our tap area on our flat screens, enjoy CO-Brew’s house beers, or order food from several nearby restaurants.
After your beer is fully fermented, we will call you and set up an appointment to bottle or keg your beer. Bottling takes 1 to 1.5 hours and is fun. If you do not have time to bottle, just let us know and for a small fee we can bottle your beer for you. Kegging your beer requires that you provide your own ball lock kegs, or ball lock kegs are available to purchase or rent (contact the store for details). The kegging process is simple and involves just transferring the beer to the kegs. Customers can choose to force carbonate their beer themselves or CO-Brew will force carbonate for a small fee. Don’t have a way to tap your keg, or have a special event? Jockey boxes are available for rent.
We allow a group of up to 6 people to brew per machine. For groups larger than 6 people, we can set up additional machines and accommodate up to 24 people if equipment is available. If you are interested in brewing for an event, we can accommodate larger groups, as well.
CO-Brew is unique, allowing customers to brew on our fully computer-controlled all-grain brewing systems. CO-Brew uses the top of the line all electric Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy recirculating mash system, giving our customers the ability to learn and brew with professional grade equipment.
Yes. Please rinse your bottles out and run them through your dishwasher on sanitize cycle. Once they are clean they will need to be sanitized (with Star San) prior to filling with your next beer.